Firing service at maximum 1250 degrees

Firing service at maximum 1250 degrees

Firing ceramics up to a temperature of 1250 degrees in our studio. If you need to fire terracotta, teal, fennel, stoneware, porcelain, translucent, gilded or overglaze colors in a controlled firing process, this is the right place. This service is available in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

High quality ceramic firing is a distinguishing factor in making ceramic. Speedy firing, lousy programmed process and accelerated cooling can lead to increased defects and even to the destruction of items. In our studio we provide you with a firing service of the highest standards. Gradually raising the temperature, maintaining key temperatures, then cooling for 24 hours allow your final work to reach its maximum potential.

The size of the inner part of the pottery kiln is 54 cm x 54 cm x 60 in. For better temperature distribution, the volume we recommend you use is 50 cm x 50 cm x 55 cm because of the preferable distance from the heaters.

NOTE: In case of any damage to the oven due to misuse or improper use of the materials, the costs are increased proportionally to the damage. If you rent out half a kiln, the price is reduced by 50%. For less than half a klin, the firing of individual works is calculated individually.

Firing service costs:

  • Firing service ceramics up to 900 degrees. 1.500 RSD
  • Firing service of ceramics up to 1100 degrees. 1.750 RSD
  • Firing service ceramics up to 1250 degrees. 2.000 RSD
  • Firing service of individual works (sum up height, depth and width of objects in cm = P) P x 5 RSD

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  • Location 2: Dunavska 12 (passage, entrance from the other side from Ise Bajića br.6), Novi Sad 21000 (map)