Space rental for independent work

Space rental for independent work

"Art Boulevard" association offers its atelier in the center of Belgrade and Novi Sad for rent, whether it's for a one-time or for an extended use. In all cases, firing ceramics and the cost of materials are not included in the price. This service is available in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Our school of ceramics is active in the afternoon so you can rent the atelier only in certain timeslots. Lease of space on a monthly level means you can use it from 8am to 4pm on wor days. You can also use the potter’s wheel and other tools, a as well as a part of the shelf where you can storage personal items and your ceramic items.

Please note that space rental does not include professional counseling or insights from our tutors. It does entail conscientious use of tools and equipment - otherwise the cost is increased according to the proportion of made damage. Materials for work and decoration are not included in the price of space rental

The price of renting “Art Boulevard” atelier:

  • Time period: 1 day (up to 8 hours of work) 1.200 RSD
  • Time period: 1 month 12.000 RSD (+ deposit 6000 RSD)

For any additional information, contact us via e-mail address, telephone or by posting in our FB page.


  • Contact phone: +381 63 7172484 (Sasha) viber Viber whatsapp WhatsApp 
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • FB page:
  • Location 1: Panciceva 14 (local on the corner of the residential building), Dorcol, Stari Grad, Belgrade 11158 (map)
  • Location 2: Dunavska 12 (passage, entrance from the other side from Ise Bajića br.6), Novi Sad 21000 (map)

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