Single day ceramics workshops

Single day ceramics workshops

One-day workshops are designed as a two-hour or three-hour hang out with our tutors, in which you have the opportunity to create and decorate one ceramic item with our help. No experience or pre-knowledge is needed to attend these workshops. Material for work, decoration as well as firing of the resulting ceramic items are included in the quoted prices. This type of workshop is available in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

The advantage of single day workshops is in the flexibility of scheduling appointments. To book a place in one of them, all you need to do is contact us by phone and we will tell you the nearest scheduled date with free spots. The workshops are thematic thus it is not possible to deviate from the given parameters and themes. Designed to maximize your success rate, the single day workshops are a lot of fun but also educational because you will listen to tutors talk about the process, technology and materials behind creating great works of ceramic art. After finishing the product, it has to dry and go through the firing process (900°C) and glazed firing (1200°C) which can take at least two weeks after the workshop has ended. For you, we have prepared the following topics for workshops:


This is one of the most popular 3 hour workshops. Using handbuilding techniques and auxiliary molds, you will not only make but also decorate your first ceramic teapot. This is also one of the more complex objects, so we will work on the hoof, the pavement, the lid, the handle and the optional embossed decoration next to the body of the kettle.


It is said the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What could be better than serving it in a unique bowl and cup ansamble you made yourself? Design, make and paint them and let your day start on a positive note! We will use different combinations of handbuilding techniques to create these items. We anticipate the duration of the workshop is two to three hours.


Add warmth to your interior with a unique ceramic lamp. You can choose yourself whether it will be for a candle or a lightbulb. With our professional tutors by your side for two to three hours, you will make a candlestick or a lamp from your dreams using a combination of handbuilding techniques.

kasica prasicaTHE PIGGY BANK

This workshop provides the best return investment! A piggy bank will help you raise money for a holiday, a new piece of wardrobe or a ceramics course. The duration of the workshop is up to three hours. For the production of this item we will use a combination of handbuilding techniques and auxiliary molds. You can keep the piggy bank to yourself or give it to a friend who often lends money from you. :)

grncarski tocakTHE POTTER’S WHEEL (wheel throwing)

The movie "Ghost" with the famous scene with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore inspired so many to try out wheel throwing. With the help of our tutors during this one-day workshop, you will create an item on a potter's wheel and decorate it with an engobe. You will become familiar with the whole process, with all the necessary steps. Your enjoyment is guaranteed!



The price of each one-day workshop is: 2.500 RSD



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